Worldwide working


More and more ambitious youngsters are travelling the world to pursue their dreams.

Today, it is not an exception to run your start-up from Silicon Valley or work for a corporate in London. Technology helps us to stay connected with people around the world. With a Gemini cover, you can make sure your Apple iPhone or Apple MacBook is protected along the way.

We don’t believe ugly, silicone covers should protect your phones and laptops. We make it our mission to provide premium-quality stone covers to protect your tools. Stone? Yes, stone. Real natural stone!



Social business


One of the foundations at Gemini is the social aspect. Gemini has more than sixty full-time employees in two sheltered workshops. In these workshops, the covers are handled by people unable to find employment on the normal labour market. In contrary to competitors who choose cheap imports, Gemini deliberately advocates employing people locally. 

Gemini aims here to set an example for Belgian start-ups who underestimate the potential of local labour. In recent years, sheltered workshops in Belgium have undergone a strong professionalisation. They build on the experience they gain through orders for large brands and can share this with other clients. 



Natural stone


We use all natural stones from all over the world. Everything’s brought to our social workplaces in Belgium where everything is made by hand. Because these are raw pieces of stone, the structures always vary. Every case & cover is unique in it’s own ways!